Yuan Yuan Design Studio 

We are a Paris based, culinary and product design studio specialized in the space of well-being and sustainable culinary art.

We are happy to support you for:


Product Design:

We design and produce tailor-made products and installations using the Design Thinking method, and always in close collaboration with our customers and partners. Our goal, through our creations: to create a link with the body and the senses.


Edible products:

We design edible products in cooperation with food professionals. We follow the established “Design Thinking” method (but not only),, to best meet the needs of our customers.


Workshop & Teambuilding innovative education:

We lead creative and entertaining workshops for adults, and for children using the Montessori educational method. We prepare gourmet and personalized Teambuilding events for companies. Our specialty is the links between food and sustainability (local, organic, zero waste, etc.). We like to combine the practical with the enjoyable, developing the senses and creativity of young and old, while raising awareness on subjects important to our society and our future.



Design and production of creative culinary events tailored,  in partnership with talented chefs. Edible facilities, animated cocktails, specially designed for the event



                            DESIGN                                                                   FOOD ART


                                                          GREEN TRANSITION


The founder strives to embrace the world around us, a world constantly in motion. Yuan is particularly interested in nature, sustainability, societal movements, culture and health. She translates her vision through her creations, with a sensitivity particular to her, and by always innovating on new experiences to connect the body and the senses in different contexts.

Positive Societal Impact:

Eager to be a company with a positive impact on the planet, on people and on society, we want to facilitate the integration of healthy and local foods and put well-being at the center of our daily lives.

Our Mission:

We praise edible well-being, pass the benefits of healthy and local foods on to children, make your guests dream in front of an installation that is as poetic as it is delicious, or even design an enduring object that perfectly matches the shape of the body.